As the #1 United States Distributor of Metafix Environmental Products, Hart was able to address and alleviate the concerns of both Print Management and Medical Administrators alike. Employing the Best Available Technology (BAT), followed by expert 24 HR Service was the key to our success then, and still is today.

Metafix offers innovative, custom manufactured products. Taylored from a stable line of products to meet customer requirements and needs, we help you manage on site liquid waste. Our job is to determine if the waste can be reused, reduced or recycled and made to comply with municipal sewer use parameters.

Municipal liquid waste treatment plants (POTWs) have specific requirements imposed by the Federal Government. Some of the parameters include metals discharge, pH, Biological Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand. Our goal is to eliminate or reduce the need for disposal costs (hauling) and implied carbon footprint.

Our unique Metatrax monitoring system manages compliance and monitors performance continuously via Ethernet connection.