Services & Programs

Equipment Installation

We are capable of providing installation services for all of our products anywhere they are sold. We cover the entire US and Canada, as well as Puerto Rico and Mexico. Base installation fees are built in to new equipment purchases if requested. Dependent upon your location additional travel and accommodation fees may apply.

Maintenance Contracts

Hart Industries has built itself on the principle of providing excellent service for the equipment we sell. With proper maintenance and care you can expect optimal performance and extended life from your waste treatment systems.  Hart offers a variety of service agreements to meet our customer’s specific needs and budgets.  Let the experts handle the maintenance and operation of your environmental compliance equipment!

Ask about our 4/2 Annual Maintenance Plan.  The 4/2 is our most common service plan. We offer quarterly maintenance visits with two free emergency calls and activity downloads for our machines that log data. This plan includes an annual effluent sample with an EPA accredited lab analysis and report to ensure your equipment is keeping your waste stream compliant.  All of our service contract customers receive Unlimited FREE Phone Support.  

24 Hour Technical Support available at 1-800-Metafix (638-2349)

Service plans are offered throughout most of the country and performed in house or by one our authorized service centers

Effluent Sampling and Analysis

Hart Industries will obtain effluent samples from any waste stream within your facility and have them analyzed for Heavy Metals, VOC, BOD, COD and TCLP. Let us know what your needs are and we can accommodate. You deserve the peace of mind of knowing that your efforts to operate within State and Federal regulations are being met. Have the proof by posting your results for regulatory agencies to see. You can share your commitment to compliance with all who enter your facility.

Scrap Program and Aluminum Plate Recycling

Hart Industries is the equipment supplier and service company for a network of professionals who focus on environmental compliance and the recycling of imaging waste materials. Working together with our network, Hart has formed strong relationships that have enabled us to negotiate volume rates with major refiners so our customers can be guaranteed that they are receiving the best possible prices on their recoverable waste, ie. Scrap Aluminum, Film, Silver Flake.

Unique to Hart Industries, this managed program allows our customers to fund all of their environmental compliance expenses such as new equipment purchases and consumables, with proceeds from their recycled materials.

In order to accurately propose the managed plate recycling program all that we need is your typical monthly/weekly volume of scrap aluminum plates and/or film, and the frequency of pickup that is required. For retrieval purposes, gaylords will always be provided for you during pick up.