Who We Are

Mission Statement:

Hart Industries mission is to provide our customers with the best technology and services available in order to accomplish the goal of keeping their companies compliant within local, state and federal regulations. We believe in the value of customer service and strive to provide the most timely and cost effective solutions to your environmental compliance needs.

Who We Are:

Hart industries is an Environmental Compliance Company specializing in the sales and service of specialty equipment designed to treat hazardous waste produced as a byproduct of both commercial and newspaper printing as well as medical and NDT X-Ray film process. Hart industries also specializes in precious metal recovery and scrap metal recycling. Our customers represent a cross section of the graphic arts industry including fortune 500 companies as well as mom and pop print shops. We also service hospitals and manufacturing facilities using X-ray film.

Hart industries has developed a well established reputation during its 26 years in business as a leader in the environmental compliance industry with our focus on the graphic arts community. As the US distributor for Metafix Compliance Systems we offer our customers the best possible solutions to their waste treatment needs, we guarantee environmental compliance on a state and federal level through quality service, sampling and record keeping.